Mészáros Law Office


In comparison with the traditional Hungarian legal attitude Mészáros Law Office can be described as a new one, that follows the attitude of the western offices in its structure and way of working. As a result of its new and dynamic style of work in the last decade it has been becoming a law firm with national and international experiences.
In the course of our work we apply the results of the technological development, for instance we use electronic registration and administration system, which provides the possibility for our clients to follow the steps and arrangements of our services.Beyond that the office has the softwares needed for the electronic firm registry procedures and electronic archiving, and we have access to the TAKARNET system.
In 2010 the Office has been registrated in the Public Procurement Advisor's Register under 891. registry number.
Our significant clients take the advantages of our legal services given via e-mail, moreover if it is needed inner internet port makes possible the more effective work.
The Office offers our services in english and german language aswell for our clinets and provides them with counselling, legal representation, and compiling of documents. 
We await our clients in a modern designed office building with three conferece rooms and own parking spots. Our office is equipped with the latest computer technology and telecommunication system. The office is placed in the city center of Miskolc, near to the Court, office and business district.


I. Personnel structure

The number of the office keeps on growing year by year, and simultaneously we take care of the development of infrastructure supporting the legal work. The great headcount of the office (6 advocates, 2 traniees and 3 assistent) gives us the oppurtinity, to embrace a wide scale of the various legal areas, on the other hand each member of the office can substitute any other member is case of incapatitation in order to satisfy our clients needs without any delay.
The owner and professional leader of the office is Dr. János József Mészáros, who started his advocate carrier as individual in July 1992. As a result of constant growing the office reached its present form in 1999. The leader of the office - who is the legal expert of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA) and the head of the National Sports Confederation Legal Committee - was appointed the member of several self-governmental bodies and financial advisory boards due to his wide-range professional experiences and social reputation. furthermore was awarded by Miskolc County Town with NÍVÓ-Award.
Next to him for the moment five other advocates work here, who have comprehensive particular expertise both in the field of civil law (especially in the fileds of labour law, property law, economic law) and criminal law (especially economic, traffic crimes and crimes against life and person). In addition to this they also support and direct the work of trainees.


II. Legal profile of the Office

As a result of the great number of lawyers and special structure of the office we can provide all kind of legal services that should be required by our clients.

In order to fulfill our tasks as effective as possible, all colleagues are specialised in a certain field of law, thus we can complete even special legal works to wich in case of need we establish a special workgroup of our advocates.

Primarily we deal with economic, company, financial law, prperty law, and Public Procurement. Beyond that we deal with litigation as pleaders in trials and legal representant of aggrieved. Contractual law, labour law and administrative law are also involved in our scale of services.

We take on fully comprehensive legal service for companies. We complete consultative tasks for self-governments, banks, investments trusts, public servis companies and building industrial companies. For companies we offer seat-service aswell. Moreover we provide services for local companies of foreign firms and international corporations and we keep contact with international law firms.


III. Services of the office

  • - The electronic firm registry procedure
  • - Takarnet